Alexa is a Photographer from Colombia  based in New York. The main focus of her work is in Interiors, Architecture and the hospitality industry.

Her passion for creating visual  concepts from the ground up doesn't stay in photography.

Her background in Design has influenced her work throughout the years with a strong sense of Geometry always in mind. 

She is currently studying -part time- User Centered Design at The New School focusing the research in emerging technologies such as VR and AR.

Alexa is simultaneously working full time for an Interior Design group as the main Photographer.

Former and current clients include:

The International Culinary Center in NYC, Michelin Guide, Chef's Club NYC, Magrino PR, Ten Speed Press,  Colangelo & Partners, The Italian Trade Agency, Simmer Group,  Zirkova Vodka, Parce Rums, We Work, The Williamsburg Hotel, among others.

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